The base model iPhone 7 might finally start with 32GB of storage

The next iPhone – presumably called the iPhone 7 – will finally start with a minimum 32GB of internal storage, according to a report published by The Wall Street Journal (citing sources familiar with Apple's plans). Apple has often been criticised for not bumping its starting storage capacity from 16GB, with some suggesting it has been kept intentionally low to peddle 64GB iPhones, so a 32GB entry-level model would almost certainly be looked on favourably.

Apple is expected to announce the next iPhone in September. The handsets are typically introduced at the beginning of September, and go on sale before the month's end.

Other rumours suggest that the device will be quite similar in appearance to the current generation iPhone, but with less prominent antenna bands and a thinner design. The headphone jack could be going the way of the dodo (or more appropriately, the 30-pin iPod connector), but varying reports offer conflicting information. If the headphone jack is indeed removed, a second bottom-facing speaker will likely appear in its place. This would facilitate stereo sound.

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