Texting Catches Cheats

Giant telco’s survey highlights a lot of people are being caught out cheating on their partners

A study on texting by Telstra shows that one in four Australians have discovered their partner was cheating by reading a text message – and a further 20 per cent had accidentally sent a text meant for their partner or lover to somebody else.

The study also claims that one in three Aussies choose SMS to communicate major life events – compared to using the phone, email or social networking sites. This is of little surprise, as the cost of text over a phone call (which are really the only two methods that go head-to-head due to their immediacy) is a lot cheaper.

The report also found we are more likely to SMS news of a birth, (25%), or a promotion, (18%)
compared to other major life events.

Four in 10 Aussies indicated that they send between 3 and 7 text messages every day to family, friends and their partner respectively. And it seems like there are few places that are sacred from texting – Aussies text, or admit they would text, in many different places, including when they are by themselves to ‘look busy’ (44%), at the movies (34%), in a business meeting (21%) or even at a funeral/christening/wedding (15%).

In other texting trends, Australians said picture messages were popular, and use picture messaging on their mobiles most while travelling (44%), buying houses (33%) or at the birth of their children (33%).