Telstra will allow customers to access personal metadata from April 1

Telstra today announced that it will allow customers to access the same metadata that it provides (when requested) to law enforcement agencies. Starting from April 1, Telstra customers will be able to request their metadata through a web form on the company's privacy portal.

Simple requests will attract a fee of AUD$25, whereas more complicated requests – especially those covering multiple services across several years – will be charged at an hourly rate. The telco claims that it bills law enforcement agency requests in the same manner.

Telstra's definition of metadata is as follows:

Metadata is the data generated when you use a telecommunications service – information such as the number you called, when you called and how long you spoke for. It does not include the content of a communication, such as the detail of what you said or wrote in an email or SMS. The police and other enforcement agencies can access metadata under law without a warrant. 

Telstra customers can already access certain data through MyAccount page, including call records and service details.

A Telstra spokesperson confirmed that customers will be able to access metadata from across all of the telco's service, include mobile, landline and broadband.