Telstra unveils new plans with focus on data sharing

Telstra today announced a new range of plans, dubbed Go Mobile, that are designed to allow families to easily share their data allowances. The new plans will be available to customers from tomorrow.

All Go Mobile plans allow Telstra customers to add an additional phone to their pan via an AUD$40 per month companion SIM. The companion SIM includes unlimited calls and messaging while sharing data with the original plan. Telstra did not specify whether there was maximum amount of companion SIMs that could be added per plan. Subscribers are not able to get a subsidised handset when signing up for a companion SIM.

If more than one plan on a customer's account includes a data allowance, the combined amount can be shared between all users. Telstra will also make an AUD$5 per month data-sharing SIM available for customers looking to connect devices such as tablets without the need for an additional plan.

Go Mobile plans will be available on a 24 month contrast and on a month-by-month basis. On a 24 month contract, inclusions are almost identical to Telstra's current line of mobile plans. The one difference is the addition of a new XXL AUD$195 per month plan, which includes unlimited talk and text, and 16GB of data per month. Customers subscribing to a 24 month Go Mobile plan will receive a bonus six month subscription to Presto, a 12 month subscription to NRL Digital, or a 12 month subscription to AFL Live.

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