Telstra to offer eSIM functionality for Windows devices

Telstra has announced a partnership with Microsoft to provide support for eSIM technology in compatible Windows 10 PCs, making them the first Australian telco to adopt eSIM for Windows devices.

With eSIM (embedded SIM or electronic SIM) technology, a physical SIM card is not required, allowing internet connectivity without extra hardware like a dongle or a niche, SIM-capable laptop, and saving you a trip to the store. eSIM has been available from Australian telcos for some time on wearable devices like the Apple Watch, but the local adoption rate has been slow for phones that support it like the iPhone XS and XS Max.

At launch, eSIM support will include the Surface Pro 4G LTE and certain HP Spectre laptops, with more to come down the line. A 30 day free trial will be available with 30GB of data until the 31st December. Prepaid and postpaid plans will be on offer for eSIM customers after the free trial is up.

Laptops supporting the technology are few in number at the moment, but more are coming through the year.

“We fully expect this functionality to become more prevalent with a number of new eSIM capable Windows-based devices already slated for launch through 2019,” said Kevin Teoh, Telstra Consumer Segment Executive.

Telstra will begin support for Windows eSIM devices on 7th March.

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