Telstra Revamps Pre Paid Plans

  • No connection fee
  • Flat rates for international and national calls
  • Longer expiry periods

Telstra pre-paid mobile customers can now get even simpler deals, with the launch today of Telstra’s Pre-Paid Simplicity offer.

Simplicity features no connection fee and low flat rates for talk and text to standard Australian and International numbers. Customers also get a choice of longer expiry periods when recharging.

Telstra says the offer was based on customer feedback and market research findings indicating people want a simple and transparent offer with plenty of value. The low Australia and International calling and text rates are recognise our customers increasingly want to connect to family and friends wherever they are and with this offer many international destinations will cost no more to call than if they were in Australia. It also shows that people are being picky when it comes to deals that include overseas rates.

With the new plans offer:

  • New local and overseas rates – Australia and Overseas with lower rates for calling from Australia to many international destinations, for example, 15c per minute (or part) to the UK, USA, Hong Kong, China, or 18c per min (or part) to Ireland, New Zealand, the Philippines and South Africa.  Plus 15c per minute and 12c texts to standard Australian numbers anytime.
  • Longer credit expiries- Recharge $30 and receive 60 days expiry, $50 will give 100 day’s expiry and customers who recharge $100 can have 180 days expiry.
  • Customers can recharge, check their balance and view their account history from a desktop or directly from a mobile phone.