Telstra makes Apple Music data-free, offers new customers three months of Netflix, Stan and Presto

Ahead of a plan refresh scheduled for Tuesday, Telstra today announced that is doubling down on its entertainment offerings. As part of these changes, Telstra will unmeter Apple Music for all mobile customers, and offer new and recontracting customers three free months of Netflix, Stan and Presto.

Unmetered access to Apple Music will be available to all Telstra mobile customers, whether they're on prepaid or post-paid plans. In addition, new customers will still be able to nab a free six month subscription to Apple Music.

Telstra will throw in three months of Netflix, Stan and Presto to post-paid customers taking up 24 month contracts worth at least AUD$95 per month, or AUD$70 per month for BYOD device plans. These services will all still require data.

Prepaid and post-paid will continue to get free, unmetered access to NRL, AFL, Netball and Baseball.

Telstra will support its expanded entertainment offering with the launch of the Telstra TV+ app for both iOS and Android. Telstra TV+ will provide a universal search for Presto, Stan, and BigPond Movies and will be able to launch each respective app. At launch, universal search won't index Netflix. The Telstra TV+ app will also show Telstra subscribers any entertainment offers available to them, and act as a remote for Telstra TV set top boxes.

These offers (and the Telstra TV+ app) will go live next Tuesday (August 23) alongside Telstra's new (yet to be announced) family of smartphone and broadband plans. 

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