Telstra Launches Usage Alerts For Mobile Phones

  • Alerts only for Freedom Connect Plans
  • Customers will be notified via SMS when reaching limit
  • Progressive roll out

Telstra has launched a new service for its Freedom Connect plans that will alert users as to when they have gone over their data or SMS allowance.

Telstra says it is launching free usage alerts that notify customers on the Freedom Connect mobile plans of their voice call, SMS and MMS usage against their mobile plan allowance. What Telstra didn’t say, is that one of the main reasons they are doing so is because people suffering from bill shock are also refusing to pay for their overuse of data and the company is having problems collecting.

Commencing this week, these alerts will advise customers when they go over 80 per cent and 100 per cent of their voice call, SMS and MMS allowance. They will be rolled out progressively over the next month, as each customers’ new billing month commences. 

All eligible customers will receive introductory SMS messages informing them of this new customer service.

This program has included:

  • A new bill design for Telstra’s consumer customers, based on customer and staff feedback, to make bills clearer and simpler to understand;
  • New point of sale ‘My Offer’ summaries which explain on a single page what is included and excluded in a mobile plan, along with applicable fees and charges;
  • The launch of the My Plan Manager portal on post-paid mobiles that allows customers to check their data usage and add mobile data packs and international data roaming packs direct from their handset.