Telstra Cranks Up 100Mbps Speeds To New Housing

Telstra offers high-speed Internet to new home owners; the rest of us have to wait.

Australia’s biggest Telco has announced that it plans to make sure its Velocity fibre-to-the-home network able to reach speeds of up to 100Mbps for new housing projects.

Speaking at the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) National Congress in Brisbane, Holly Kramer, Group Managing Director, Telstra Product Management, says the new service will be five times faster than the current peak speed.

“Earlier this month, Telstra announced plans to upgrade its five-city hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) cable broadband network in Melbourne to 100Mbps peak speeds,” she said. “Today we are announcing that we will align our Velocity FTTH network with HFC both in terms of speed and customer offering, giving Velocity estate residents access to the next generation of broadband services.

“Already, our fixed network provides ADSL2+ at speeds up to 20Mbps from exchanges covering over 80 per cent of the population and ADSL from exchanges covering 92 per cent of the population.”

Telstra Velocity estate residents have access to a range of telecommunications and entertainment services such as high-speed broadband, multiple fixed line services, FOXTEL from Telstra and digital free-to-air television.

Geoff Booth, Group Managing Director, Telstra Country Wide, said Telstra has more than 100 completed or planned Velocity projects that will see current and future residents utilise these services from the home.

There is still no announcements with regard to when the rest of Australia will be getting the new service, although Telstra PR spokesperson David Luff did tell Cybershack to “watch this space’. However, with the amount of investment already going into the project, and Christmas deadlines for both the Melbourne and the new roll out, don’t hold you breath seeing anything for the rest of the country this side of December.