Freaky Flashlight With Video Recorder Attached

Just when you thought they’d thought of everything, an American company comes up with the ultimate flashlight.

Just in case you suffer a night time power failure, or your tabby gets lost under the house, not only is the Hammacher and Schlemmer capable of helping your find your way in the dark (or that lost cat), but you can record the actions while you do it!

Although seemingly designed for police forces, it is available over the Internet to the Joe Public, so if you feel inclined, and don’t mind parting with the best part of $500, then this interesting little item could be for you.

The unit produces three levels of brightness from its 3-Watt cool-white LED main light. It also has 17 infrared LEDs that encircle the main light to provide night vision illumination up to four metres.

Video and snapshots are captured at 30 fps with 640 x 480 resolution by the colour CMOS sensor (although night vision is recorded in black and white) with a 66-degree field of view.
Up to 15 seconds of video and 500 snapshots can be stored on the built-in 128MB memory; it supports up to a 2GB mini-SD memory card.

A USB port connects the flashlight to a computer to download videos and a built-in microphone records sound clearly. An LCD indicates battery life remaining, recording format, time, date, and storage capacity.