Telstra Completes Upgrade On Next G

Telstra has announced that it has upgraded its Next G HSPA+ network with dual carrier technology but there is no pricing.

In what it claims to be a world first, Telstra says it had completed the upgrade of its Next G HSPA+ network with Dual Carrier technology and also released the first wireless broadband device to capitalise on the new speeds.

HSPA+ Dual Carrier technology allows Telstra to send and receive wireless data using two channels simultaneously providing peak network downlink speeds of 42Mbps. Actual customer download speeds are always lower than the peak network speeds.

The Sierra Wireless device unveiled today goes on sale in Australia later this year and Telstra expects customers using the device will experience typical speeds in selected locations around double those seen with the fastest 3G devices available in Australia today.
HSPA+ Dual Carrier plus MIMO technology will require new compatible devices and these are expected to come to market in 2011. Typical customer speeds and availability for HSPA+ Dual Carrier plus MIMO technology will be advised closer to launch.

Telstra has yet to provide details of how much all these new upgrades or compatible devices will cost.