Telstra Addresses Bill Shock

  • Data speeds will slow once allowance exceeded
  • Decision times just before ACMA report
  • Other enhancements promised

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is pleased to acknowledge Telstra’s announcement about plans to reduce customers’ risk of unexpectedly high mobile phone bills, commonly known as “bill shock.”

Telstra said it will be introducing a scheme that allows users to have their data speeds slowed down when their mobile data allowance is exceeded, rather than being charged for excess domestic usage. Various other customer service enhancements will also be part of the new consumer program.

The initiatives come on the heels of the ACMA’s year-long Reconnecting the Customer

(RTC) draft inquiry report into the telco industry, due to be announced June 1st. The report will examine customer care practices, “bill shock” and complaints handling, among many other issues, and will issue for comment a number of findings concerning a series of recommendations about improving consumer protection in the communications sector.

“The ACMA is highly gratified that the RTC strategy is already bearing fruit,” said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman.

Telstra’s announcement is consistent with the type of pro-active industry responses that the RTC is intending to provoke and the ACMA looks forward to seeing what additional measures telecommunications companies will introduce to assist their customers.