Tell HTC your hopes and dreams for a chance to win AUD$25,000

Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC is giving Australians the chance to win AUD$25,000 as part of a new marketing campaign focused on "enabling people to get more from every day".

Eager participants can enter on HTC's "One Day" website by filling out a registration form that asks for typical personal information such as name and number, in addition to detail about what kind of phone the entrants owns, and what provider they are with.

After registering, contestants are asked to add a goal to be in the running for the AUD$25,000 grand prize. Goals take the form of a "one day I will" sentence, such as "one day I will visit a hundred year old winery in Bordeaux".  Contestants have the option of adding an image or video link to their goal. Each new goal a participant adds gives them five extra entries into the weekly prize draw, and including a video or image provides a further five entries. 

Entries for the AUD$25,000 prize close on October 30, and the winner will be drawn on November 18. The best entry, “as determined by judges”, will win AUD$25,000 towards their winning “dream experience” within the “allocated budget”.

HTC provided the following information as to how the AUD$25,000 is allocated in the contest’s terms and conditions:

For example: if the winner’s dream experience is an overseas trip, the Promoter will endeavour to organise all flights, accommodation and activities for the winner (within the allocated budget); if the winner’s dream is to make a donation to a charity, the Promoter will endeavour to make a donation to the winner’s chosen charity in their name (within the allocated budget), etc.

In the event the winner’s dream experience is more than AUD$25,000, the Promoter, at its discretion, may offer the winner with a AUD$25,000 cheque (made payable in the winner’s name) or will organise the winner’s dream experience but the winner will be responsible for paying the difference. In the event the winner’s dream experience is less than AUD$25,000, any remaining value will be awarded in the form of a cheque made payable in the winner’s name.

The company is also giving away weekly prizes that include the HTC One M9, HTC RE and AUD$500 Red Balloon vouchers. One One M9, one voucher, and one HTC RE will be given away each week starting from August 19. The last weekly prize draw takes place on November 4.

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