Technology is good for the family

A new survey reveals technology keeps families together rather than driving them apart.

Not only are families the most enthusiastic users of technology, but it helps to keep them apart rather than break them, says a new report.

2,252 Americans were questioned in the survey, which looked at the differences between technology use in families with children and single adults, couples without children and adults living with housemates.

Browsing the Internet was a social activity for families, with 51% of parents using the net with their children.

The traditional “nuclear” family was more likely to have more gadgets than any other group surveyed, with 89% of nuclear families having multiple mobile phones. Two-third of the families surveyed had a high-speed Internet connection, and 58% were likely to have more than two computers in the home.

Technology also made it easier for families to stay in touch, with 42% of parents contacting their children on the mobile every day.

Respondents from all groups said technology improved their contact with distant family members, with 53% saying it had increased the quality and almost half saying it had improved their contact with people they lived with.

Many of those surveyed said they watched less television as a result, with 25% saying they spent less time watching TV, and only 58% of people aged 18-29 watching TV every day.

Source: BBC News