Daylight savings causes turmoil on eBay

eBay have forgotten to adjust its clocks for daylight savings for the second time this year.

eBay users have been venting their fury at the online auction website after eBay failed to automatically update its clocks to account for daylight savings.

The error means times listed for the closing of auctions are an hour behind, causing buyers and sellers to miss out on last-minute bids.

Users are even more confused when they see the “time remaining” for an auction, which differs from the listed ending time.

Australia modified its daylight savings this year, extending daylight savings by a week in April and reverting back a week early. eBay failed to update the site in April and clocks were an hour out as a result.

Administrators have been flooded with comments from irate users who have missed out in the confusion.

One user wrote “I am on live help asking for my fees back as my listings are being up for an hour less than what it was paid for.”

Daniel Feiler, spokesman for eBay Australia, said the auction site was aware of the issue, although eBay users have said daylight savings had been plaguing the page for years with no attempt made by administrators to fix it.

Source: SMH