Tech Braves The Coldest Journey On Earth



  • Sir Ranulph Fiennes's new expedition
  • Microsoft, Iridium and Panasonic provide tech support
  • The first team on foot across Antarctica during the southern winter

Tech is up for one chilling challenge- taking on the first winter crossing of the Antarctic with the world's greatest explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

Fiennes and his long-time colleague Dr Mike Stroud are set to make history with a planned six-month journey across Antarctica. The expedition is called "The Coldest Journey on Earth" and will cover an estimated 2,000 miles. The team may experience temperatures close to minus 130 degrees Fahrenheit, as they conduct the first up-close tests of the Antarctic winter environment.

On explorations like this, the team usually pull sledges carrying everything they need, but this time they’re going for something different. Due to the extreme weather conditions Fiennes and a skiing partner will lead on foot, while two bulldozers dragging industrial sledges follow them.

The caboose will be hauled by an indefatigable Caterpillar D6N Antarctic Tractor, which will be the team’s living quarters, science lab and all life-support.

Fiennes and his team are not the only ones to embark on this challenge, Microsoft, Iridium and Panasonic will also tag along to brave the ultimate test of modern technology.

Hardware partner Panasonic is supplying the Toughbook-branded laptops and tablets for science, communication and editing, in addition to both broadcast camera/recorders and consumer-grade photographic gear.

Microsoft and Iridium will provide tailored cloud and satellite technologies for the D6Ns to enable real-time updates on the expedition's progress.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes' six-person team will start its journey from London on December 5th and is expected to arrive at the Ross Ice Shelf in January. They will then cross the continent by land and meet up with the support ship on the other side in September 2013. They are slated to make it back home in London in early 2014.

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