Talk to your lights with LIFX’s Windows 10 app

Smartbulb manufacturer LIFX this week launched its first Windows 10 application, enabling users to control their lights from their PC or tablet. The LIFX Windows 10 app takes advantage of a number of the operating system's unique features, including Cortana and Live Tiles.

Thanks to Cortana integration, LIFX owners are able to control their bulbs through various spoken phrases. Examples include "hey Cortana, tell LIFX to make my lights red", " hey Cortana, tell LIFX to turn on my bedroom lights", and " hey Cortana, tell LIFX to make the hallway lights brighter".

LIFX Live Tiles allow users to pin a light or a group of lights to their smart menu. These will automatically update to show the on or off status of a light, in addition to its current colour.

The LIFX Windows 10 app is available via the Windows 10 Store as a free download.

The news follows an announcement from Philips detailing HomeKit support for its Hue family of smartbulbs. HomeKit integration will allow iPhone users to control their Hue smartbulbs via Siri.

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