Taking gaming to a third dimension

Something we have been alerted to here in the ‘Shack; a device called TrackIR can be used to track your head movements in-game, offering that extra visual edge.

Excerpts taken from the TrackIR website, explaining how the device works-

TrackIR is a camera based system that senses motion with 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DOF). Your head’s yaw, pitch, and roll rotations – along with up/down, left/right, and in/out movements – are each precisely tracked and amplified into game control.

Your eyes always stay on your monitor thanks to motion scaling. Turning your head just half an inch, for example, can be amplified into 180 degrees of game-view rotation. All of your movement can be amplified like this. Most people do not use a 1:1 movement ratio (just as they don’t use a 1:1 ratio for mouse or joystick movement).

The device runs at 120 frames a second. This keeps TrackIR as fast and smooth as a mouse. For reference, an average web camera sends video at less than 30 frames per second. Motion sensing is processed in the TrackIR device, so your game’s frame rate is not affected.

TrackIR connects to your computer by USB cable. This USB connection is used to both power the device and to deliver simple control data to the computer. Adjustable base lets you clip TrackIR onto laptops and thin screen monitors, as well as sitting flat on larger monitor.

Here are some videos that explain the product in more detail-

Stay tuned on Cyber Shack radio, we’ll be interviewing the guys behind TrackIR very shortly.

Source: TrackIR by NaturalPoint