Tablet & Notebook Round Up

Looking for a new notebook or tablet? Here are some of our favourite devices currently on the market, as well as some coming soon. With so much cross over between notebooks and tablets these days, we’ve decided to included them all in one list, in alphabetical order.

Looking for a new notebook or tablet? Here are some of our favourite devices currently on the market, as well as some coming soon. With so much cross over between notebooks and tablets these days, we’ve decided to included them all in one list, in alphabetical order.

Device Price Description Image
Apple iPad Air From $598 The iPad Air is the latest model of the tablet that kickstarted the craze in the first place. If you want access to the staggering amount of apps available on Apple's App Store, the iPad Air is a great choice. And at under half a kilo, it’s a great alternative to an eReader. The iPad Air is available in both WiFi and 4G models.
Apple iPad mini with Retina From $479 Apple's smaller offering packs a lot of power into a tiny form factor. Just the right size to use anywhere and everywhere, and has access the same great apps available to its bigger brother. The iPad mini is available in both WiFi and 4G models.
Apple MacBook Air From $1,099 In the 6 years it's been available, the MacBook Air has graduated from the punch line of many techy jokes to one of the most popular laptops on the market. The 13" model boasts a 12 hour battery, and the 11" can still go 9 hours without charge. As a bonus, Apple's entire productivity suite is included pre-installed. And if you feel more comfortable in Windows, you can always dual boot it alongside OSX.
Asus Transformer Flip From $1,099 One of the key features of Asus' multimode Transformer Flip are 6mm touchscreen actuators. In English, this means that the Flip's 15.6" high definition screen can provide users a more intuitive touch experience. The Flip is available from August, and in two models; one rocking an Intel i5 processor, and the other an i7.
Asus ROG G550JK Gaming Notebook From $1,799 Asus' latest gaming notebook is surprisingly portable, measuring just 27mm at its thicket point and weighing 2.6 kilos. Despite the compact build, the G550JK doesn't compromise on power: the notebook reps a 15.6" high definition screen, a fourth generation Intel Cote i7 processor, up to 16 gigabyte of RAM and one of the latest NVIDIA mobile graphics cards. Perfect for when you need to play a round of Titanfall or Call of Duty on the go, and more importantly, win.
Asus MeMO Pad ME176 From $229 This new update to the MeMO Pad is the perfect budget Android tablet. While it's screen might not be as pretty or sharp as other tablets on the market, in terms of performance it can still keep us with the best of them.
Dell Alienware 18 From $2999 At an impressive 18.4" inches, this behemoth barely qualifies as a notebook, but it certainly impresses. Even at it's base configuration, it features a two graphics cards, a 256 gigabyte solid state drive, a terabyte hard drive, and a 4th generation Intel Core i7 quad core processor. If you're in need of power over portability, the Alienware 18 is worth a look.
Google Nexus 7 From $299 The Nexus 7 is often considered the definite Android tablet, balancing power and price point in a user-friendly form factor. The device was recently refreshed, adding an ultra-sharp full HD screen. An average camera and the lack of an SD card slot are the two biggest downsides to the product. The Nexus 7 is available in both WiFi and 4G models.
HP x360 From $549 The HP x360 is a super stylish multi-mode device, especially in its bright red shell. In our review, we found it a versatile little device, and appreciated the fact that someone is still make an 11" inch machine with an Ethernet port. You can also check out the x360's CyberShack TV segment here.
Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro From $1,599 The Yoga 2 Pro is a multimode ultrabook, boasting an incredibly 3200 x 1800 pixel display. The sharpness of the display is matched only by the device's striking aesthetic (and it's available in orange, if that's your thing). The power the Yoga 2 Pro gives you is great value at its price point, and its also lighter than the original. A shortish battery life is one of the only downsides.
LG G Pad V500 From $399 At 8.3", the G Pad V500 is slightly bigger than the smaller tablets on the market, but slightly smaller than the bigger tablets, making it a nice in between option. The excellent build quality and attention to detail make it feel like more of a premium experience than other Android tablets on the market.
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 From $979 The recently announced Surface Pro 3 looks like it might finally nail the mix between tablet and laptop. Of note is its impressive stylus integration, allowing you to hop straight into OneNote at the press of a button, whenever inspiration strikes. Adobe are also launching a Surface optimised version of Photoshop, so this definitely one to look out for if you consider yourself an artist.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 From $575 The 10" Galaxy Note 10.1 offers a simply incredibly 2560 x 1600, making it an amazing device to watch videos on. The 2014 update features a newly improved stylus, making note-taking even easier. The Galaxy Note 10.1 is available in both WiFi and 4G models.
Toshiba Encore From $349 The Encore is one of our favourite tablets running the full version of Windows 8.1. It's great for students who need Windows only software, but still want a tablet, and you can also easily connect a Bluetooth keyboard. However, if you don't need a device straight away, Toshiba have recently announced the Encore 2, which should be available in August.
Toshiba Satellite P30W From $1,599 The Satellite P30W is an upcoming 2-in-1 ultrabook running Windows 8.1. Beautifully designed, it feels great to use as both a laptop and tablet. In our initial hands on, we were impressed with how light the tablet portion of the device was, especially given its size.
Toshiba Satellite P50W TBC The Satellite P50W is one of the largest multimode notebooks. Its powerful enough to be a desktop replacement, but it can also be used or a tablet, adding versatility. The P50W is due out in July, and was recently featured on CyberShack TV.


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