T-Box Due June

Telstra’s set to take on the pvr and set-top box market with its T-Box

With digital television soon to be the norm, mobile handset carrier Telstra is set to get its own PVR, the T-Box, in June.

What good it will be other than to record programmes is anybody’s guess. Although it will be capable of streaming AFL and NRL games, it will not be of the same quality as Foxtel, and if you live some distance from the exchange, the streaming might be a bit dodgy.

If reports are to be believed, Telstra has said any data usage will not go towards montly caps, but you will still have to purchase a movie, so why would it come off your data allowance?

Still, interesting to see that Telstra are making a play for the television market, but with a tonne of PVRs for consumers to chose from, and with a lot more features, it will be interesting to see if the company makes any headway into an already congested arena.