Swimming Watch Measures Strokes And Other Efficiencies

  • Ideal for competitive swimmers
  • Upload info to computer afterwards
  • Won’t cause drag

Garmin has a new watch designed for swimming – this is more than just waterproof, it can track all your vital data like stroke type, stroke count, distance, pace, lengths and much more. A sleek profile and lightweight design means the watch cuts right through the water, so it won’t cause drag or slow you down.

This device automatically recognises a stroke and tracks your length, stroke, distance, pace and more. Users can also log drills or start timed sets without constantly monitoring the pool clock. It also calculates a SWOLF score, which is a measure of the time and number of strokes it takes to swim the length of a pool. A lower SWOLF score indicates more efficient swimming.

Garmin Swim helps athletes keep track of their goals, even when they’re out of the water. To keep you motivated, the watch displays your weekly accumulated distance under the time of day. Additional watch features include dual time zones and an alarm, meaning you’ll never have an excuse to miss an early morning swim.

Upon completion of a workout, upload the data to Garmin Connect for free online analysis. Users can view workouts, track totals and set goals. They can share workouts and data with coaches, friends and family. Using ANT+ wireless technology and the USB stick that comes with Garmin Swim, workout data is automatically transferred to the user’s computer when in range. Garmin Connect is Mac and Windows compatible.


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