Surfing For Waves On The iPhone

Australia’s is coming to the iPhone via a new application.

Axis Communications has launched an application that enables users to check the surf conditions from their iPhone and puts them in control of the camera.

The SURFit iPhone app allows users to remotely control and interact with the surf cameras by panning and zooming to check their favourite break or beach spot on 3G and WiFi. The smart Apple interface allows users to easily tap, swipe or pinch the screen to make the camera remotely pan, tilt or zoom to the area they want to check, providing a detailed view of the breaking wave.

The cameras, set up along Sydney’s most popular beaches, are a range of Axis Network Cameras which are enabled for advanced remote monitoring, for example the Axis P5534 Network Camera at Bondi  that complies with the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) HDTV standards in resolution, color representation and frame rate to deliver HDTV 1080i or 720P resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio in full frame rate 30/25. With 18x optical zoom, 12x digital zoom and auto focus, it can instantly provide the desired wave break in perfect focus.

The cameras are also specially built with humidity and glare control to supply the viewer with a crystal clear picture, claims manufacturer.

The SURFit application, which has been purpose-built and customised for the iPhone, is said to be the first app in the world to stream live video optimised for both 3G and WiFi. It also offers users dual subscription and recharge options: for lite users it’s just $2.49 for a monthly subscription that includes unlimited views and 20 control credits; or for those hardcore surfers, control credits can be recharged at the same price.