Sub $200 Camcorder From BenQ

  • Camcorder has motion detection feature
  • Night Mode feature for night shooting
  • Cameras self-adjust in darkness

BenQ announce the launch of two new compact digital cameras and a new pocket-sized, 1080p FHD camcorder into the Australian market

The P1410, S1430 compact cameras come with built-in anti-shake software and creative shooting modes including Toy Mode, LOMO, Colour Accent and Fisheye.

The M23 Camcorder features a 3-inch touch screen display making it easy to operate, according to BenQ. It can record video in Full HD 1080p resolution and is equipped with an LED torch to illuminate subjects in low-light environments such as at night or dawn and dusk.

The three new models are all touch-capable with 3-inch LCD screens, making them user-friendly and easy to navigate around to access functions. 

Black with a distinctive gold coating accentuating the outside of the zoom lens, the P1410 is a stylish looking, high performance camera, representing BenQ’s entry into the higher end of the market.

S1430 is a 14 Megapixel, 5X optical zoom camera that comes with caramel gold finish and is designed specifically to appeal to young Gen-Y photography enthusiasts interested in creative shooting modes, a touch screen interface and auto-operation. The O.I.S. (optical image stabiliser) prevents blur on shots and works together with the anti-shake software to compensate for unintended camera movements or slow shutter speeds

Shooting modes on the P1410 and S1430 include Toy Mode, LOMO Style, Colour Accent and Fisheye. Toy Mode automatically applies blurs and increases colour contrasts to create a toy miniature effect to any elevated view point – an effect that is traditionally achieved by using a professional camera with a tilt-shift lens or photo retouching software.  LOMO Style adds effects like retro colour hues or vignette faded borders and the Colour Accent effect allows the user to keep one selected colour in the photo whilst having the rest converted into black and white.  This effect is also accessible in video mode. Fisheye mode will provide a hemispherical view of the subject, adding intriguing creative possibilities to your photography.

Powered by BenQ’s latest HDRII (High Dynamic Range) image enhancement technology, the P1410 and S1430 are able to self-adjust the darkest and the brightest part in a composition to deliver images in absolute clarity. 

The M23 camcorder has a Night Mode Feature, which is capable of capturing video footage at night. When Night Mode is activated, the unit automatically sets the right settings in low-light situations – the built-in LED torch brightens subjects and can light objects at a distance of around one metre for a professional result in any environment.

The M23 features a 5X optical zoom, 5MP CMOS sensor, records video in 1080p FHD and has extra storage and added flexibility with two SD card slots. It will automatically switch to the secondary storage when one is full, doubling its capacity. Touch Exposure is another feature which allows users to touch on the area that needs adjusting on the touch screen display, to automatically optimise the exposure level. Another feature available on M23 is Motion Detection – this initiates filming as soon as a subject moves.

P1410 $179
S1430 $149
M23 $199