Cisco Talks Up New Router Range

  • Parental controls
  • Password protected internet access
  • IPv6 and 6rd support on selected routers

Cisco claims its revamped Linksys E-Series of wireless router set a new standard for speed, range, and ease-of-use and feature the latest industrial design that combines smart looks and advancedfunctionality.

The new lineup of five routers provides the power required for today’s connected home. Providing speeds up to 450Mbps, features include 3×3 spatial stream configuration, external power amplifiers to maintain signal strength over a greater distance and reduce dead spots, and virtual USB technology to connect USB printers, storage, and other devices to the network. Also new on select E-series models is native IPv6 and 6rd support.

All Linksys E-series models come with Cisco Connect software that installs the router in three steps, enables security, and assigns a unique network name. Once the router is installed, users can also use Cisco Connect to manage their wireless network by:

  • Adding multiple internet-capable devices to the network
  • Setting parental controls for each computer or device
  • Giving visitors password-protected Internet access on a separate guest network
  • Customising advanced settings and changing the network name and password
  • Check their broadband connection speed with the Broadband Speed Meter
  • Check for automatic firmware and software updates

 $79.95 to $269.95