Stayin’ alive might just keep you alive

Researchers have found the beat of Stayin’ Alive could just keep you alive.

Researchers have found that listening to the beat of The Bee Gees’ 1977 Stayin Alive helped medical student perfect their chest compressions.

The classic dance tune has 103 beats a minute, almost exactly the number of chest compressions the American Heart Association reccommend for a successful resuscitation.

It’s not the first case of music having an impact on those in a critical condition.

The Register have reported on some anecdotal evidence that the rock-opera classic Bat Out Of Hell has had success in rousing the comatose.

A researcher said the song was “uniquely stimulating”. “One chap who’d been completely unconscious for some months leapt out of bed and dashed across the room to the tape recorder.”

Source: The Register