Spotify discounts family plan pricing

Streaming music service Spotify has revamped its family plan pricing, allowing up to six users to share a subscription for AUD$17.99 per month. The new pricing puts Spotify's family plans directly in line with what's currently being offered by both Apple Music and Google Play.

Previously, Spotify subscribers were able to add up to four people to an existing account at a rate of AUD$7.20 per user. Adding four people took a subscriber's monthly bill to AUD$35.99.

Existing Spotify subscribers can add extra members to their plan through their account page. Each member in a Spotify Family Plan gets a separate account with their own music collection. Rather than splitting the bill between each family member, the full AUD$17.99 is charged to the primary account holder.

Customers already on a family plan will automatically be switched over to Spotify's new pricing.

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