SPOT Your Family While Travelling

  • GPS can track family via Google Maps
  • Up to user to send and save coordinates
  • Can send SOS in emergency

A new, lightweight portable gadget sporting satellite GPS and communications technology is said to reduce the risks of travelling, whether at land or sea.

The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger gives families peace of mind by allowing them to track the movements of their loved ones from home via next generation satellite technology.

It allows the user to send and save where they are in real time, allowing those at home to track their progress via Google Maps and send custom messages to friends or check-in at locations. In an emergency, the user can send an SOS alert with the push of a button to the Global Emergency Response Centre which is monitored 24/7. The Global Emergency Response Centre works with Australian emergency response agencies to ensure that the closest and most appropriate emergency service is quickly deployed to the site of the emergency.

According to Pivotel Managing Director Peter Bolger, the device lessens the risk of hiking or boating over the summer Christmas period and allows people to safely navigate through Australia’s environment.

“The SPOT Messenger works at almost any altitude or temperature and is well suited to Australia’s tough outdoor environment,” said Bolger. “The ability for adventurers to communicate efficiently to friends, family and emergency services via such a small and lightweight device gives new confidence to people who aren’t as comfortable with their navigational ability.”

Those looking to head out for longer periods to particularly obscure parts of Australia needn’t worry as the device can remain powered on for over a year and provide over 14 continuous days of tracking in any terrain.

The device can be attached to clothing and can provide individual support for either life threatening or non-life threatening situations. Check-ins can be sent via email or SMS to up to 10 predetermined contacts and also stored in your SPOT account. Christmas.”