Spore delayed till 2008

Much to the dismay of gamers around the world, Electronic Arts recently announced that Will Wright’s creation, Spore, will be delayed until next year.

EA cited quality control concerns as one of the leading factors in the delay of the game.

“We’re focusing on quality to make sure we build a franchises that feels more like The Sims, a franchise we hope…to see around for some time in the future,” said John Riccitiello, EA CEO.

While EA never publicly announced an official release date for the video game, many believed the game was supposed to be available for the Christmas holiday season 2007.

EA appears to be in a world of hurt these days. The company posted a larger quarterly loss than expected by analysts, and Spore was supposed to be a huge revenue generator for the company. The company had a large portion of its fiscal 2008 – which will end March 31, 2008 — profits vested in Spore.

Source: DailyTech

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