Speakers Made For iPhone, iPad and iPod

  • 10-20 hours of battery power
  • Creates wall of sound
  • Same size as iPhone

Perpetual Motion Australia’s WoWee One speakers are based on a patented Gel Audio technology that turns surfaces into sound. This gel speaker creates a “wall of a sound” that you would not expect from speaker small enough to fit in you back pocket.

The line-up of portable speakers turns most flat surfaces into a full range, audio experience, claims the manufacturer. The tiny WoWee’s, pump out a full range of frequencies from deep bass to the mid- and high-range of expensive home speakers.

WoWee One’s Classic and Slim and are portable – roughly the same size as an iPhone. Cupboards, tables, windows and empty boxes transform into massive speakers.

The WoWee’s are a certified apple accessory with made for iPhone, iPad and iPod approval. To date over a million units have been sold, and the WoWee ONE is now being featured worldwide on MTV.

The WoWee One Classic uses a hybrid technology of a high frequency speaker and its patented Gel Audio Driver for low end frequencies, delivering music fans on the go a live ‘home theatre’ experience.

The unit is available in four colours –white, black, chrome and black and pink. Its rechargeable internal battery can deliver up to 20 hours of sound, more than enough for a night of dancing in the streets.

The WoWee One Slim, as its name implies, is a compact and thinner unit using the same technology as the Classic to produce a range of frequencies. Available in two colours –white, and black and chrome – the internal battery provides users with up 10 hours of sound.

Classic $99.95
Slim $139.95