Aussie Consumers Don’t Take Advantage Of Wifi

  • 25 percent of Aussies take full advantage of wifi
  • Gen Y most avid consumers of tech
  • More than 18 million Internet-enable devices in Australia

Netgear’s claims its Connected Lifestyle Survey has shown that over 18 million internet enabled devices in Australia aren’t connected to the internet.

Last year, Australians spent $6.8 billion on digital devices. The average family now boasts six of these in the home, however almost one third (30 percent) of internet-enabled devices are not even used to connect to the internet.

Less than a quarter of Australians with a wifi network at home use it to connect their devices to each other to share digital content .

Over 18 million internet enabled devices in Australia are not used to access the internet
Less than half of those with a game console in their home connect it to the internet
 On average, Australians download or stream 12 hours of video per month

The survey, compiled by Galaxy Research for Netgear, confirmed Gen Y are the most avid consumers and collectors of digital content, storing 48 percent more than the average number of digital files stored by Baby Boomers. Surprisingly, 19 percent of Gen Y admit they take no steps to back up their digital content, despite the fact that they are most likely (65 percent) to be distraught if they lost their digital content.

“Today, Australians can benefit from a connected home with a seamless and fast wifi network to share information between devices,” said Brad Little, director of consumer channels Netgear Australia and New Zealand. “It’s a shame that Australians are missing out on the full potential of their devices For example, by taking a few simple steps, any home can stream home videos directly from a storage device to an HD television screen. Simultaneously, one family member could use video conferencing on a laptop in one room of the while another listens to digital music on the home’s surround sound home stereo.”

The results also found that Gen Y could learn more from today’s older generation with Baby Boomers employing the most sophisticated back up measures. Fifteen percent of Boomers use Network Attached Storage (NAS), compared to the national average (12 percent) and, when it comes to backing up to the cloud, this group is almost on par with the national average (five percent as compared to six percent). These figures show that, of all age groups surveyed, Baby Boomers are the most conscious of protecting their investment in technology.

The survey results showed, on average, Gen Y only stream or download 15 hours of digital video per month, while Baby Boomers download a five hours per month.