Space age speakers for your home

The new Elipson Music Center allows you to listen to all your music from a CD player, a USB stick, a MP3 player, as well as an external source.

And with a remote control it makes it easy to control the device from afar. Designed by the French speaker manufacturer, Elipson, this music center has been designed to sound as good as it looks.

Whilst enjoying personal collections of music the listener can also enjoy the radio with the in-built AM, FM, DAB and DAB+ tuners.

The Music Center can be placed either on the bookshelf or on the floor using the optional stand.

The Elipson Music Center has a high quality uncompressed wireless signal, which means you connect it to the computer with USB dongle (provided), or iPhone/iPod/iPad dongle (optional).

No longer will it require cables to connect to the computer or iPhone/iPod/iPad.

RRP: $1999

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