Sony Rolls Out PlayStation Mobile Developer Program



  • US$99 for the PSM Publisher License
  • PlayStation Mobile SDK for download
  • Now open in Australia

Sony has announced its Playstation Mobile plans last summer and has circled around its software development kit in beta for about a year. Finally, the PlayStation Mobile Developer Program is out of beta and has been launched today.  

The launch includes the official PlayStation Mobile SDK (software development kit). Developers can now register as a PSM Developer to create games and apps for PlayStation Mobile. The PSM Publisher License will cost US$99.

“Get ready to see this library expand in the coming months, because today we are happy to announce the launch of the PlayStation Mobile Developer Program, which provides an enhanced and open environment for content developers to create and release their content on PlayStation Mobile. The Dev Portal provides everything a developer needs to start working on PlayStation Mobile,” says Sony.

“We believe we’re in a ‘golden age’ of game development and the Dev Portal lowers the barriers of entry for developers to create and publish titles including games directly to the most diehard and passionate fans in the industry.”

The Developer Program is currently open in Australia, Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. A phased roll out in Hong Kong and Taiwan will follow shortly, and additional countries are also in tow.

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