Sony Launches Windows 8 Vaio Range

  • New operating system
  • New slider hybrid Ultrabook
  • New family touch PC

Sony’s latest Vaio line-up is purpose-built to make the most of the new Windows 8 interface and includes the Vaio Duo 11 and Tap 20 devices.

Showcasing the features of Windows 8, the new models make work and play intuitive – whether you’re relaxing at home or on the move. Notebooks, a slider hybrid, a family-friendly PC and an elegant Ultrabook, make up the 10-point multi-touch screens in the new collection.

The new Vaio Duo 11 which is a high-performance, hybrid Ultrabook with a sliding LCD display that switches between slate and keyboard mode.

You can use the unit in tablet mode to browse the web or listen to music and watch videos while travelling. In the office, you can slide out the keyboard and maximise your productivity with a fully-featured PC powered by the latest third-generation Intel Core processor.

Users can write, sketch and interact with media and applications on the responsive, touch capable, super-bright, and Full HD OptiContrast panel. A pressure-sensitive digital stylus gives the expressive feel of handwriting directly on the touchscreen. Smart text recognition even lets users convert handwritten notes to text for.

Connectivity includes Bluetooth Smart Ready, USB 3.0, HDMI, Ethernet, VGA video and NFC, while its Quick Boot feature gets you up and running in seconds. When you need a break, the unit powers down into an energy-saving sleep mode.

Then there is theVaio Tap 20, which is claimed to transform home computing into a fun, engaging experience.  Featuring a fully-adjustable 20-inch touchscreen and integrated battery, the unit offers new usage opportunities for individuals as well as the entire family.

It is designed to leverage the intuitive ease of Windows 8, opening up new possibilities to interact with apps and your media collection.

Lay it flat on a coffee table and let everyone join in using the large multi-touch screen. Flip out the in-built stand and tilt the unit at a comfortable angle for ‘lean back’ photo and movie editing by touch, or stand it upright and use as a fully-functioning desktop PC. It’s easy to work on documents, surf the web or check emails with the supplied wireless keyboard and mouse.

The 20-inch IPS LCD panel offers clear, bright images with a wide viewing angle, while the responsive 10-point multi-touch operation which lets all the family join in simultaneously with multi-player games. Mobile Bravia Engine 2 by Sony ensures crisp, natural movie viewing with fine details and fluid on-screen movement.

It also comes with a choice of pre-installed apps that are optimised for the multi-touch capabilities of Microsoft Windows 8.

Both the Duo 11 and Cap 20 provide networked entertainment experiences. Both are one of the first PC’s to incorporate Near Field Technology (NFC). Through Sony’s One-touch function, users can enjoy their music and photos across an array of NFC enabled Sony devices. Simply touch one to another and instantly establish a wireless connection without the need for any Bluetooth or wifi set up. This means that you can continue listening to music stored on your Vaio through your Bluetooth headphones or speakers. Users can also enjoy access to millions of songs and themed radio channels at any time via Sony Entertainment Network’s Music Unlimited service.

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