Sonos Trueplay now available, makes old speakers sound better

Sonos overnight launched an update version of its iOS application that enables its Play:1, Play:3, old Play:5, and new Play:5 wireless multi-room speakers for Trueplay tuning. The Sonos SUB also supports Trueplay.

Trueplay is a new technology that adjusts a Sonos speaker's sonic characteristics to the room it is placed in. When testing the update, CyberShack found that Trueplay tuning reigned in the bass of a speaker placed on a hollow, wooden cabinet to provide a more balanced sound.

"What's been holding us back is the environments that our speakers are placed in," Sonos Australia Country Manager Niv Novak told CyberShack. "Some people place them on a chair, some people place them in a garage."

"Not everyone's houses are built for audio. A room's surface can affect the sound a lot, and people aren't going to spend time finding the optimal position [for their speaker]."

When setting up a new Sonos speaker, the app will ask users to configure Trueplay. To begin the process, the app will first check for ambient noise. After that, the user will be instructed to move around the room for a minute or so, waving their phone or tablet up and down while the speaker rings out. After Trueplay is enabled, a user is still able to manually adjust a speaker's equaliser to their personal taste.

Trueplay can currently only be enabled using Sonos' iOS app, but an update for Android is in the pipeline.

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