SMSFun Claims Aussie First

Aussie social networking claims first prize in social networking stakes.

SMSFun, Australia’s largest homegrown social networking site, has this month surpassed 250,000 active members who have now initiated over 33 million text messages through its free SMS service.

SMSFun also allows users to enjoy many social networking features such as profiles, status updates, photo sharing, competitions, and more. Members also earn points for increasing participation.

Mark Ross-Smith, founder of SMSFun, said the growth in popularity shows Australians are fed up with the texting costs of traditional telecommunications providers.

“We have a large and loyal user base who not only appreciate being able to send free SMS to their friends and family, but also enjoy being actively involved in a thriving digital community,” said Ross-Smith. “We’ve found a large portion of our huge member base becoming actively involved in the social networking side of SMSFun. They’re uploading photos, sharing updates, posting in our forums, and meeting new friends.”