Smartphones Key To Retail Research Says eBay

  • People use smartphones to compare prices
  • Savings claimed of $595 per person
  • 44 percent research via smartphone but buy in store

Recent research by eBay claims that Australians are becoming savvier with their retail dollars with over four million smartphone owners now using their phones to compare prices before making a purchase. 

Those shoppers who used their phone to research products saved $2.9 billion in 2011, that’s an average saving of $595 per person. Ebay came to this conclusion after asking respondents to estimate the value of the savings they had made as a consequence of their research in the last year. This produced a range of answers with the average saving being $595. Some people may have generated a large saving in a single big ticket item while others may have accumulated the savings over several smaller purchases. They then multiplied the $595 by the 4.99 million people who are said to use their smartphone to research goods.

While 1.3 million Australians used their mobile phone to both research and purchase items, consumers still enjoy shopping in a variety of different ways:

  • 37 percent who researched a product using their mobile, did so while looking at the product in a physical store
  • 45 percent who researched via their mobile typically purchase the item online using a computer
  • 44 percent who researched a product using their mobile still purchase in-store
  • 15 percent of those that have used their smartphone to buy a product have been standing in a store but purchased it online from a different retailer via their smartphone
  • 46 percent of smartphone users say that they will use their mobile device more frequently to research this year’s Christmas presents