Smartphone Security Protection Allows Remote Wiping of Information

  • Protection against misuse
  • Remotely remove data
  • Combines three security solutions into one

McAfee’s Mobile Security and McAfee WaveSecure Tablet Edition are designed to easily secure mobile devices when accessing both personal and corporate data.

Lost and stolen mobile devices can be a security concern in the mobile computing environment, with two-thirds of mobile device losses in Australia having had a financial impact on the organisation. This is double the global average.

“Mobile devices are increasingly becoming a major target for cybercriminals, particularly as they incorporate more and more valuable data,” said Michael Sentonas, Chief Technology Officer for McAfee Asia Pacific. “While we expect desktop computers to be loaded with security software and firewall protection, this awareness has not yet translated to mobile devices, even though they are now storing and accessing more data than ever before, and more susceptible to being lost or stolen.” 

McAfee Mobile Security software is claimed to provide a comprehensive mobile security solution by combining three McAfee mobile security products:  WaveSecure, VirusScan Mobile and SiteAdvisor for Android.

It is suitable for users who want protection for their data and privacy in the event of loss or theft, protection against the growing threats of viruses and spyware targeting mobile devices as well as protection from web-based threats, such as phishing sites that probe for personal and sensitive information.

With McAfee Mobile Security, consumers can now access the following features and functionality in a single download:

  • Back-up and restore data to helpprotect sensitive information and photos. Even if the device is missing, it can be backed up before it is wiped clean of information.
  • Protection against misuse(such as excessive phone charges) as well as safeguarding personal data with remote locking capabilities.
  • An audible alarmto help users find the device or disrupt a thief, and or pop-up a notification with instructions for returning the device
  • Remotely remove data from a lost or stolen device via the McAfee Webportal, mobile Web portal or via a SMS message from a buddy device.
  • 24/7 real-time anti-malware protectionagainst viruses, worms and spyware, Trojan horses and battery sapping malware.
  • Protection from malicious Web sites, phishing, identity theft, and credit card fraudwhen shopping online. SiteAdvisor software for Android provides color coded site ratings appear right next to the search results, allowing Android users to confidently browse and search the mobile Web.
  • Management of mobile device protection allows consumers to quickly execute needed security tasks, backup, locate, wipe, etc.via the McAfee Web portal and simple device interface.
  • All backed by McAfee Labswith its 24/7 global presence and dedicated team of threat researchers.

The WaveSecure Tablet Edition offers Android users with WiFi the ability to find their missing device with alarm and location tracking, prevent misuse with remote lock and wipe and preserve important memories and personal data with remote backup, even from a lost or misplaced device. Users can also trigger an audible alarm to help them find the device or disrupt a thief, and send a brief SMS message with instructions for returning it.

McAfee Mobile Security annual subscription of $29.95
WaveSecure software $19.95