Smartphone Headset With Stereo Bluetooth

  • Comes with dual charging cable
  • Weighs 7 grams
  • Comes in under $90

Plantronics’s Marque M155 is a headset offers voice-guided pairing for iPhone and Android smartphones, voice recognition to answer or ignore calls hands-free, as well as stereo Bluetooth.

It allows users to listen to music, GPS directions or email, while providing stereo quality. It comes with a dual charging cable, enabling the user to charge their smartphone and headset simultaneously.

“Android and iPhone users better understand, that their smartphone is not ergonomically designed for their face as much as they are for their hands these days, yet they still need to talk and listen with it” said Peter Petrides, National Retail Sales Manager of Plantronics Australia. “The Marque M155 lets users…talk, type and swipe, with a headset that is designed specifically for their device”  

The Marque is the company’s smallest headset ever and offers good sound quality in an lightweight design. Weighing seven grams, users will hardly know they are wearing the headset, claims the manufacturer.