Skype Proves Popular

Online survey finds Skype usage is increasing in Australian households

In a move that will hardly surprise anyone, Galaxy Research, in conjunction with Skype, claims that up to 78 percent of people who answered an online survey said they used Skype to communicate with family and friends during the holidays.

The online survey, conducted in January 2010, focused on identifying how Australians chose to communicate with their family and friends over the recent Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Second only to sitting down with their family over Christmas lunch or sipping bubbly with their friends over New Year’s, the survey results revealed that many Australians see communication platforms such as Skype as the next best thing to bringing family and friends together during the holiday season. Among those that used Skype over the holiday period, 78 per cent used the software to wish their family and friends a “Merry Christmas”, and 55 per cent used Skype to wish their loved ones a “Happy New Year”.

The most popular feature over the holiday was Skype Video which enables users to see and speak to their loved ones during this special time.