Six New TVs From Toshiba

  • Featuring widi technology
  • 24 hours news access
  • Access to classic games

Cinema-style movie viewing in your home is more accessible and affordable, claims Toshiba as it announces six new series of TVs.

Using Edge LED technology, Toshiba’s new range delivers clarity, vibrant colours and pronounced contrast, claims the comppay. Paired with Edge LED backlit screens, content comes to life with Toshiba’s picture quality.

The Toshiba VL900 series, featuring either a 47-inch or 55-inch Full HD LED screen with super slim 2mm stylish black bezel.  Included in the box are four passive 3D viewing glasses that ensure a cinema quality viewing experience is as close as your lounge room. Passive viewing also allows for dual full-screen play mode for immersive cooperative and competitive gaming.


The RL, TL and VL series feature Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) technology, allowing users to connect to their TV wirelessly from their WiDi-compatible computer to view HD video, photos, online content, or any PC application on your big screen, directly from your notebook.

As with most smart televisions that are available, consumers can customise entertainment experiences and enjoy access to web-based content including YouTube, Facebook and Flickr.

Features include:

  • News Place – Access 24 hours news from across the world with this multilingual TV service
  • Music Place – Access a huge catalogue of live music concerts as well as AUOEO!,  which allows you to stream and discover personal radio stations for every music genre or artist
  • Game Place – Access classic and quirky games, perfect for when you have 10 minutes spare

Then there is the Toshiba TL900 series, with a choice of a 40-inch or 46-inch inch Full HD LED screen and active 3D technology, gives an exceptional viewing experience wrapped in a brushed aluminium-look frame.

The range comprises:

Toshiba 23DL900A
The 23-inch Full High Definition 1080p Edge LED backlit screen with a 50Hz refresh rate and a thin bezel. Toshiba’s Active Backlight Control System monitors the brightness of each frame, paired with Anti-Glare technology which filters excess external light. A built-in DVD player and USB port for music, pictures and video combines for a versatile little package.

Toshiba 32EL900A
This 32-inch unit comes with a WXGA (1366 x 768 pixels) LED backlit screen with a 50Hz refresh rate. Due to its Edge LED technology, the EL900A has a thinner bezel, giving you more TV. Toshiba’s Active Backlight Control System monitors the brightness of each frame, automatically adjusting the backlight to produce deeper blacks and increased detail, even in low light.

Toshiba 40RL900A
This features Full High Definition 1080p Edge LED backlit screen, which brings you excellent picture and a simple thin bezel. The AMR100 Advance Motion and Resolution technology ensures motion blur is significantly reduced, delivering realistic picture quality.

Toshiba 46HL900A
This unit comes with Full High Definition 1080p Edge LED technology showcases the latest LED Edge technology, framed by a thinner bezel paired with Toshiba’s Active Backlight Control System, which can automatically adjust the picture quality. Use the USB port to show content, two HDMI ports to connect your multimedia devices and a headphone output.

Toshiba 46TL900A
This features a Full High Definition 1080p LED backlit screen paired with the latest Edge LED technology and a thin brushed aluminium bezel. Using Active 3D glasses (1 pair included in the box), it has 2D-3D conversion capability while Toshiba’s AMR200 Advance Motion and Resolution technology helps to minimise motion blur.

Toshiba 55VL900A
This slim 55-inch LED 3D TV has a huge Full High Definition 1080p screen, showcasing the latest Edge LED backlit technology and an ultra-thin bezel. Using advance Motion and Resolution (AMR400) technology movement appears more realistic and combined with passive 3D glasses, users will see an immersive 3D movie and gaming experience.

Toshiba 23DL900A $459
Toshiba 32EL900A $579
Toshiba 40RL900A $999
Toshiba 46HL900A $1199
Toshiba 46TL900A $1539 (40-inch $1099)
Toshiba 55VL900A $2419 (47-inch $1999)


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