Silent Hill banned in Australia

The next iteration of the Silent Hill series has been banned in Australia.

The Office of Film, Literature and Classification have refused classification to the next title in the Silent Hill series, Silent Hill: Homecoming.

Excessive violence was one of the major factors in the OFLC’s decision to ban the game’s release in Australia.

Below is an excerpt from the OFLC’s report, as posted by Games On Net:

The violence is considered highly impactful in such scenes as where an electric drill is explicitly forced through Alex’s right eye socket, remaining there for an extended period as Alex screams and blood sprays from the wound. There are several scenarios in which this means of death is used, on one occasion the drill being wielded by a zombie-nurse and on another by a woman named Margaret. In an alternative scenario, Alex turns the drill on his attacker and the drill is explicitly forced up through the woman’s chin until she falls to the floor with the drill embedded in her skull.

Atari, the game’s distributor in Australia, is hoping to have the game modified so it can be released in Australia. If all goes well, we can expect Silent Hill: Homecoming down under next year.

Sources: Games On Net, Shacknews