Shake it off, up, and down: Latest Lumix camera adds 5-axis image stabilisation

Panasonic today unveiled the Lumix DMC-GX85, its first mirrorless camera to feature in-body 5-axis image stabilisation.

5-axis image stabilisation systems are designed to compensate for camera movement when shooting photos or videos, enabling users to snap sharper images at slow shutter speeds, or film handheld without inducing nausea upon the viewer. These systems will typically adjust for horizontal and vertical movement, roll, tilt, and turn.

While many cameras typically rely on their lens for stabilisation, this means the Lumix GX85 is able to offer sharper images even when working with non-stabilised gear. However, when using a compatible Panasonic lens, the GX85 is able to simultaneously rely on both the in-body and in-lens stabilisation.

In terms of other specifications, the Lumix GX85 has a new 16MP image sensor, a re-engineered quiet shutter, and Panasonic's suite of 4K photography features. The most notable of these is a 4K Pre-burst mode, which shoots 30 still frames before the shutter button is even pressed.

The Lumix GX85 will be available in Australia from late May, starting at AUD$1,099 for a body only configuration. A single lens kit with a 12-32mm lens takes the price to AUD$1,199, while a twin lens kit that throws in a 45-150mm lens will retail for AUD$1,449. Panasonic will also sell a zoom lens kit with just a 14-140mm lens for AUD$1,699.

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