Shadowrun Patch Is Out

If you put away Shadowrun because you couldn’t connect, get it out from that bookshelf.

We recently reviewed Shadowrun and one of the biggest problems we found in it was that we couldn’t actually connect to any games online. Well, buckle up because FASA and Microsoft appear to have fixed those issues.

A new patch has been released for Shadowrun which will allow you to actually connect to games. This was previously a big problem as most people were enduring load times of between 5 and 15 minutes just for the game to tell them they couldn’t connect.

But all is well and good because we’ve even tested it and I’m happy to say it does work. So while the game isn’t a true Shadowrun adventure, if you’re in the market for some fast and furious first-person gaming with the occasional bit of magic, Shadowrun now works and is waiting for you.

Shadowrun Patch Is Awesome at Kotaku

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