Seven Steps to Pick The Right Mobile Phone

So many mobile phones, networks and plans on the market and so little time -choosing the best mobile phone these days can quickly become a headache.

The best way to make sure you are choosing the right mobile phone for you is to think about how you use your phone and which features you need.

Cybershack’s seven step buyers guide to choosing a mobile phone will make sure you find the best deal out there for the phone you're after.

1. So are you a big talker and texter? If you use your mobile phone to make and take heaps of calls and don’t really care about choosing a mobile phone for anything else, then the world of mobile phones is your oyster. In fact, these days, even a so-called basic mobile phone will have a range of cool functions. Compare all mobile phone and free calls deals.

But also you should pick a plan that’s best tailored to your needs as a talker and texter – in other words, find a plan that gives you big amounts of free talk time and great free text bundles. In other words, you need a phone plan that gives you a basic handset for free and throws in hours of free talk time and hundreds of free texts, which these days means just about all the major telco’s.

2. Are you a technology lover? Choosing a mobile phone can be like choosing a computer, camera and music player in one. As convergence of technologies in mobile phones increases, more people are choosing a mobile phone on the strength of the quality of the inbuilt digital camera and other lifestyle technology.

3. Do you like your music? You can now choose phones with a massive storage space and big enough memory and good enough in the sound quality for you to forget about carrying around an iPod player.

4. Will your phone be for work and play? For many people, choosing a mobile phone and plan also means making a practical business decision. And the latest in smartphone technology means you can choose a mobile phone handset that will link up with your work email, VPN, Skype and keep you constantly connected with you colleagues much like a laptop.

5. Android, Symbian or iOS? So, do you like your Mac, are you sold on Nokia’s or is the new technology known as Android much more to your liking? This of course is a very personal decision and one that you need to test and see which operating system best suits you and your needs.

6. Do you need extra Apps? In some ways the differences in smartphones these days is not huge. Where they are starting to differentiate is the type and amount of apps you can load on them. So, you should ask yourself, do you use apps or not.

7. Do you use your phone as a camera? If so, then there are many smartphones that are coming out with 5 megapixel cameras and even HD video cameras. So if you are a snapper, then find the phone with the best camera gear.

After you have gone through these steps, then it’s a matter of finding the perfect package from the right network provider. You may want to choose a mobile phone package where you pay monthly for your minutes and calls, or you may want to choose a mobile phone package with a prepaid plan minutes.

Or you may even buy the phone outright. Its really important you compare all mobile plans as for most people, this is literally the deal breaker and the most important part of choosing what you buy.

In fact, you are never really buying a phone, you are actually buying the plan- the phone just happens to be thrown in. If you look at it that way, then you will never go wrong with your mobile phone deal.