Set Top Box Converts Analogue Images To Digital

  • Set top box for analogue channels
  • Comes in at under $60
  • Also new set of televisions introduced

TEAC Australia has introduced the HDB850 Digital Set Top Box equipped with a recording function, and is suitable for upgrading an existing analogue TV. Users can connect the HDB850 via the USB input to any conventional TV, which then transforms the analogue image to the world of digital TV.

With the swtich off of analogue television said to be complete by 2015, the aspect conversion of the product will only be useful to those with older television sets until that time.

The HDB850 features a recording feature that can record live TV directly onto a thumb drive or an external hard drive so users will be able to watch the large variety of digital programming in their own time.

In addition, the USB port enables users to watch playback of multimedia files such as photos, music and movies via the connection of compatible USB devices.

This Set Top Box comes with a function remote control and produces recordings with high definition video resolution of 1080i.

TEAC has also introduced the 84 Series Edge Lit HD LED LCD TVs with USB Recording. The LE19A84HD and LE23A84HD TVs come in 19- and 23-inch configurations, and are equipped with the recording feature.

These models have the ability to record live digital or analogue TV onto a USB thumb drive or external hard drive via their USB input. This also enables users to play back multimedia such as photos, movies and music from compatible USB devices.

Truly a versatile TV, the 84 Series also has an on-board Video Graphics Array (VGA) that allows the TV to be used as a computer monitor, ideal for computer game enthusiasts or to share photos on a big screen with family and friends!

In addition, the 84 Series features powerful 12V DC wattage and with a 5ms response time, these TVs also deliver impressive sharper image quality.

These 84 series televisions are suitable for use in many different living areas such as bedrooms, kitchens and even caravans.

Both are accompanied with Ra remote control and integrate 2 HDMI inputs ensuring connectivity with other devices.

Set top box $59.95
LED TV LE19A84HD $249
LED TV LE23A84HD $299

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