Sensus Case Makes iPhone’s Back Touch-Sensitive



  • Capacitive touch sensors
  • Touch sides
  • Up to ten gesture responses

Sometimes we get some pretty neat gadgets that are simply awesome. Take this new Canopy’s Sensus case as a clear example. This case has capacitive touch sensors built into its back that adds rear touchpad controls to your iPhone just like on Sony’s PS Vita. 

No more fingerprint smudges on your screen! This new case makes your iPhone an instant game centre.

The right side panel also contains a touchpad, allowing you to turn your phone in landscape mode for video games. The touch sides will also let you control the sides as if they were the Left and Right buttons on a PlayStation controller.

“Dual micro-processors handle all gesture recognition and multi-touch input. This provides more responsiveness than even the iPhone’s touchscreen, and saves your iPhone’s CPU for running apps,” says Canopy.

The Sensus holds up to ten gesture responses, including swiping from top to bottom to scroll through a screen, or sliding your finger across the top edge to zoom. Swiping side to side also allows you to pan through a map or panoramic photo.

The case is made of polycarbonate and is currently only available for the iPhone 4/4S.

The Canopy Sensus case costs $60, but pre-order now and the price bumps down to $40 plus shipping.

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