Sennheiser Headset Works Like the Human Hearing

  • Dual microphones
  • Can connect to two devices
  • Six hours of talk time

Sennheiser‘s new Bluetooth 3.0 headset has been developed by experts from Sennheiser Communications in co-operation with engineers from hearing-aid specialist Oticon.

Users should no longer need to repeat what you’ve just said when talking on a mobile phone while on the road. Sennheiser’s new VMX 200 – VoiceMax headset uses technology to separate noise from the phone call, while delivering some of the best sound quality available in Bluetooth headsets., claims the manufacturer.

The Bluetooth 3.0 headset features two built-in microphones. They are able to determine the direction the sound comes from, similar to the human sense of hearing. Its integrated software then detects unrelated noise and cancels most of it out, sending only voice back over the telephone. This technology comes with a newly engineered speaker featuring high speech clarity. The combination of these technologies is said to ensure clear phone calls even in noisy locations.

Another feature of the VMX 200 is that it can be connected to two devices at the same time – for example a business and a private mobile phone, or a mobile phone and a laptop computer.

It weighs 10 grams and features six hours of talk time, and ten days of stand-by time.