Security Portal For Home And Office

  • Can link up to four cameras
  • Watch your home and business
  • Can be accessed via Apple and Android OS

MyDlink is said to be a free Internet portal service giving users a way to keep an eye on the things that matter to them most, claims D-Link

MyDlink will detect compatible cameras set up in your home, garage or any indoor location and configure them onto a network, allowing for convenient access to your video feeds from wherever there is Internet access.

Designed keeping an eye on your pets from work, your children in the next room, or your house while you’re away, MyDlink supports  up to four MyDlink-compatible cameras..

For those constantly on the move, MyDlink can also be accessed on major mobile platforms including iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones via the free MyDlink mobile app, providing maximum convenience and flexibility.

MyDlink is available on the compact new DCS-930L Wireless N Home Network Camera and DCS-932L Wireless N Day & Night Home Network Camera from D-Link.

These units contain a built-in CPU and web server, meaning that they will function without a computer needing to be turned on. Connecting wirelessly to a network, both models provide users with an easy and effective way to monitor their home or office remotely.

The compact design of both cameras means they can be placed virtually anywhere you need them and, with a built-in microphone, you can listen as well as view all of the action from afar.

The DCS-932L Wireless N Day & Night Camera provides a 24-hour monitoring solution. With built-in Infrared LEDs and a low-lux image sensor, the unit captures video, even when there is little or no light, perfect for keeping an eye on your baby in the nursery.

DCS-930L $119
DCS-932L $149