Scott Cracks Open The Good Egg

  • Surround sound for the whole room
  • Just under $600
  • Wireless base sends signal to speaker

By Branko Miletic

US home entertainment company Scott has released the ‘Egg’ XSE100, a wireless 3D sound system that is designed to provide a convenient way to enjoy an immersive 3D sound experience without the need for additional speakers or messy wires.

Suitable for any home theatre enthusiast that wants to save on space, the Egg means users can experience your favourite movies or tunes without the need to set up additional speakers, or have wires throughout the room to achieve 6.1 channel surround sound. 

The Egg features a wireless base unit with 2 RCA inputs allowing you to connect to almost any device, including but not limited to; amps, televisions, Blu-rays, DVD players and recorders, iPods and many more.

The wireless base sends the input signal to the speaker unit, which features 6 speakers and 1 subwoofer enclosed inside the egg shape.

With 300 W of power, (150 W each on left and right sides) and its built-in equaliser, the Egg will fill large rooms comfortably with your chosen music, claims the manufacturer.

The unique shape of the unit has been designed for maximum performance and the six speakers on every side of the device send out sound in every direction, reverberating off the walls of a room providing a 360 degree sound experience.


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