Samsung’s newest gadget is all about sleep

Samsung overnight unveiled SleepSense, a small, disk-like tracker that measures the quality of a user's sleep.

After a user slips SleepSense under their mattress, it is able to monitor several different metrics to provide an overall sleep score. These include total sleep time, the time it took a user to fall asleep, and the number of times a user woke up, among others. Samsung says SleepSense is 97% accurate thanks to contactless sensors that can analyse a user's heart and repertory rates.

When partnered with its companion app, SleepSense is able to provide users with recommendations on improving their sleep quality.

Notably, SleepSense is able to interact with Samsung's various smart home appliances. If a user forgets to turn off their TV or smart bulbs before bed, SleepSense is able to switch them off when it detects someone has fallen asleep. In addition, it can interact with appliances such as thermostats and air conditioners to create an optimal sleeping environment.

SleepSense also acts a silent alarm.

Samsung has confirmed that SleepSense will launch Australia, but has yet to provide details on pricing and availability.

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